~ 1,000,000 Euro

 Projects in Preparation 

 “The COVID-19 crisis and public support for the euro and EMU”, 2022-2025, Under Preparation. 


~ 600,000 Euro

Ongoing Projects

“Capturing the value of intangible assets in micro data to promote the EU’s growth and competitiveness (GLOBALINTO), 2019-2022, European Commission, Horizon 2020, Coordination of WP6 “Macroeconomic underpinnings of growth”, No. 822259.  

       ~ 404,436 Euro out of 2,972,811 Euro.

Past Projects                                

~600,000 Euro

3. “Political Economy of EMU – Rebuilding Systemic Trust in the Euro Area in Times of Crisis”; 2014-2015; Non-Resident Research Fellowship Grant; European Commission, DG Economics and Financial Affairs, No. ECFIN/100/2014/SI2.683052.  
4. “Economic growth in Europe – Findings and Future Directions”; Policy Review; 2014-2015; European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, No. CT-EX2013D139720-101. 


5. “The Rule of Law and Labor Productivity Growth – Evidence for the EU”; 2014; European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, No. 258747.


6.  “The Impact of Service Sector Innovation and Internationalisation on Growth andProductivity (SERVICEGAP)”, 2010-2013, European Commission, FP7, No. 244552. 


7. “Indicators for Evaluating International Performance in Service Sectors (INDICSER)”, 2010-2013, European Commission, FP7, No. 244709. 


8. “Has the crisis in the Eurozone undermined citizens’ support for EMU and the euro?”; 2011-2012; Stiftung Mercator, No. 11-674. 


9. “Is the Europe 2020 strategy capable of maintaining the EU’s competitiveness in the World?”; 2010-2011; Austrian Federal Chancellery.  


10. “Has the financial crisis shattered citizens’ trust in national and European governmental institutions?”; 2011; Bertelsmann Foundation.  


11. “Who can be trusted after this financial crisis?”; 2008-2009; Austrian Ministry of Finance. 


12. “Intangible Capital and Innovations: Drivers of Growth and Locations (INNODRIVE)”, 2008-2011; European Commission; FP7, No. 214576. 


13. Postgraduate Programme: “The Future of the European Social Model”; 2004-2007; German Science Foundation (DFG).